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The gift of More Than a Phone

Shagae Jones from the nonprofit Sheltering Wings in Danville, IN talks about how partnering with More Than a Phone has helped the survivors they work with. As part of the More Than a Phone program, each survivor receives the following:

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Nationwide Connections

We’re proud of the communities we currently serve and are always looking to create new connections.
In 2017, we started out in a few communities in Central Indiana. Today, we have grown to be a nationwide program.

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Success Story

Erik Donner headshot

Every year on his birthday, Erik Donner (Small Business Accounts Manager at TCC), gives back. It’s how he expresses gratitude to everyone who helped him throughout the year. This year, he packaged up all the phones he collected in his region’s TCC stores in Minnesota, Nebraska, and Iowa, and packaged them up for More Than a Phone. Erik and his team collected so many phones, it took him three months to finish packing them. It’s very fitting that for his 7-year anniversary at TCC, he collected 777 devices this year to donate to More Than a Phone!

Eric Donner, Small Business Accounts Manager at TCC

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