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The gift of More Than a Phone

Shagae Jones from the nonprofit Sheltering Wings in Danville, IN talks about how partnering with More Than a Phone has helped the survivors they work with. As part of the More Than a Phone program, each survivor receives the following:

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Nationwide Connections

We’re proud of the communities we currently serve and are always looking to create new connections.
In 2017, we started out in a few communities in Central Indiana. Today, we have grown to be a nationwide program.

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Success Story

Daniel Varela is a district manager at TCC, Verizon authorized retailer. Daniel and his team in Oregon are the epitome of what was envisioned when More Than a Phone was created. They started their partnership with the Women’s Crisis Support Team (WCST) in 2019. On top of bringing More Than a Phone to WCST, they’ve supported the shelter through volunteering, community grants, and hosting an exhibition in their stores that brought awareness to the prevalence of domestic violence. Customers often come into their stores who previously received a device from More Than a Phone and are now ready to start paying for service on their own.

The amount of courage and strength it takes to stand up and leave the abusive situation you are in is unmatched. It’s truly inspiring to see these people persevere and get back on their feet to a point where they can become financially responsible for their own phone.

Daniel Varela, TCC District Manager

Domestic violence is a hidden crime that occurs out of sight, behind closed doors. As such, engaging communities in ending domestic violence can be difficult and challenging work. Daniel Varela and his team are champions of WCST. His voice, his commitment, and his advocacy for WCST and ending domestic violence in Josephine County validates our work, spreads our message, and ultimately brings about hope and safety for survivors in our community.

Ray Dinkins, WCST Executive Director

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