More Than a Statistic

A symposium about sexual assault on campus.

Learn more about sexual assault and get educated about what to do if this situation happens to you or someone you know.

Module Discussion Questions​

Use these questions as you watch the video series to create discussion around sexual assault.


If you or someone you know experiences sexual assault, these resources have information to help.

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Trigger Warning: This material contains sensitive discussions and information about sexual assault.

Listen to Survivors, Jessica Short

Hear Jessica Short’s story, a sexual assault survivor.

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Know Your Rights, Dr. James Wilkerson

Learn all about consent and its importance.

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Transform Campus Culture, Haleigh Rigger

Explore how we can transform our culture to stop normalizing sexual violence.

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Stepping Up, Stepping In, Jules Grable

Learn about the warning signs of sexual assault and what you can do to help.

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Create Change, Isabelle Rojek

Isabelle Rojek, a student at Butler University, discusses how we can create change in our sexual assault education.

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